School Bus Rules

Bus Eligibility - Only students who haveoriginally enrolled at Correia through the VEEP Program are eligible fortransportation services. Neighborhoodstudents are required to provide their own transportation.

Bus Problems - LateBus - Contact the district's Transportation Department at 858-496-8460.

LostItems on Bus - Contact the district's Transportation Department at858-496-8460.

MissedBus - If student is going to be absent or late, contact Correia'sAttendance Office at 619-222-0476.

DisciplineIssues on Bus - Contact your child's counselor at 619-222-0476.

Bus Rules

  1. Be at the bus stop on time and board immediately.

  2. Show respect at all times in your voice, tone, and body language.

  3. Follow all school/bus rules and bus driver directions.

  4. Do not get off the bus once you have boarded the bus.

  5. No food or drink allowed on the bus.

  6. Cell phones are not to be used on the bus unless there is anemergency. Students may use cell phonesat the direction of an adult.

  7. Have your bus pass ready every day. It is your school ID card with a bus sticker. Students who do not have a bus pass may not be allowed on the bus and parent willhave to pick the student up from school. Temporary bus passes are only issued

    before and after school or during lunch.

  8. If you lose your ID card, you must purchase a replacement for$5.00. Correia will give you the firstID card for free.

Ifthese policies and/or procedures are violated, a staff member and bus driverwill apply the following supports in a consistent manner. Repeated loss of bus pass may result in lunchclean-up and/or detention. For completeset of rules and policies, see the booklet "Information about Your School BusService" published by San Diego City Schools and distributed at the beginningof the year with your bus stop information.

1stOffense: Warning, parent contacted

2ndOffense: Seat Change, parent contactedand student is issued consequences

3rdOffense: Bus referral to counselor

If a student does not follow theassigned consequences, the student will advance to the next step in the list ofconsequences.

Consequences for not following bus rulesmay include the following:

After-school detention, in-school suspension,lunch detention, lunch clean-up, suspension from riding bus

A parent conference may be held at any time

Bus - Staying After School - Students who ride the bus may only stay afterschool to ride the late bus if they have school business such as EDRP/EDMP(after school reading or math class), P.E. make-ups, a club meeting, intramuralsports, or tutoring. The student musthave parent permission and teacher permission before staying after school. Students must remain with the teacher untilthe after school bus pickup time. Students are not allowed to leave campus and then return to takethe late bus. Not all transportationroutes have a close bus stop. Studentsshould check the late bus stop list before staying after school. If a student stays late without permission, aparent may be required to pick the student up from school.

Bus Stop Changes - Changes in bus stops can only be made throughwritten request of the parent to Correia's Bus Liaison. This process takes two weeks toimplement. Students are only allowed toget on and off at their assigned bus stops.

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