Health Office

Health Services - The Health Office is available to students during school hours eachday.


If a student becomes ill while at school it is important he/she inform a staff member. Students will be sent to the health office if such illness or injury warrants medical evaluation. Students who are too sick to remain on campus must be picked up by their parent/guardian. Students with temperatures greater than 100.5 degrees and/or vomiting need to stay home and be free of symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.

If a student is absent five school days in a four-week period due to illness, a medical evaluation by a physician is required and written verification of illness must be provided by the child's doctor or dentist. If the child has an underlying health condition that leads to anticipated future absences, please contact the health office.

Please refer to the Facts for Parents booklet for information regarding health requirements (e.g., administration of medication, health screenings, and immunization requirements).

  • All on-campusinjuries must be reported to the Health Office.

  • All students musthave a current emergency card on file in the Health Office.

  • To attend school,students must meet immunization requirements.

  • Medication:

Certain over-the-countermedications are available to students who have a "Health

InformationExchange Consent" form completely filled out and on file at school.

The nurse willassess the situation, the student's health history and dispense

medicationaccording to protocol.

All other medications are notallowed to be carried by the student.

If other prescribed medications areroutinely required at school, a physician's order is required.

  • All doctorexcuses for Physical Education and "five minute" passes are generated throughthe Health Office.

  • Asthma And the Use of Inhalers at School - Students who use inhalers as prescribed by theirphysicians should have a duplicate inhaler brought to school to be kept in theHealth Office. It is acceptable forstudents to carry and self-administer their inhalers; however, ONLY with the written permission ofboth the physician and parent. Thepermission form for inhalers at school, Authorization for Asthma Medicationsto Be Taken during School Hours, may be obtained in the Health Office.

Student Insurance

SDUSD does not carry medical or dental insurance for students injured on school grounds, while under school jurisdiction, or while participating in school district activities. However, the district does provide access to optional accident insurance. Student insurance booklets are available in the office upon parent request.

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