Correia Code of Conduct/ School Rules


The Correia Middle School staff is committed to helping students be successful by always doing their personal best! Attaining your personal best is the responsibility of the student, his/her parents, and school personnel.

Parent Responsibility: Teach your children behavior appropriate to achieving good citizenship and good work habits in school. Communicate with your child's teachers on a regular basis. Know and support District and school rules. Cooperate and support the school in maintaining proper standards for students and the appropriate consequences.

Student Responsibility: Work hard at attaining your personal best. Respect yourself, your classmates, all Correia staff, and our school. Always maintain a positive attitude, do your best, and come to school prepared every day.

School Personnel Responsibility: Establish and maintain the standards that are needed to achieve a positive learning environment. Teach and review rules with students. Communicate with parents.

School Rules:

  1. Students are expected to work hard, be responsible and help keep Correia a safe learning community. Bullying is NOT tolerated and is a suspendable offense.
  2. Ten or more unverified/unexcused absences, and/or ten or more tardies may result in loss of activities.
  3. Students will follow the directions of all staff members at all times, and follow the discipline policy. A copy of the Student Handbook is sent home at the beginning of the year and is posted on the Correia website at
  4. Students will be in proper dress at all times (See Correia Dress Code).
  5. Students will be SEATED in class with materials ready when the bell rings, with a notebook cover free of graffiti. Student Planners are to be filled out daily.
  6. Students will respect school property and the property of others. Defacing/destroying school property (e.g., graffiti/rock throwing) may result in suspension and/or arrest.
  7. Students will maintain appropriate hallway behavior. Students running, yelling, putting hands on others, throwing objects, or using profanity will be assigned detention. Students may not hold or hug one another while at school (no public displays of affection).
  8. Students may not bring to class any non-educational items that may be a distraction to learning. For example: excessive money, electronic devices, balls, athletic gear, skateboards, confetti, scooters, rollerblades, spraying devices (body spray, spray deodorant), permanent markers, whiteout, gum, wallet chains, hair rags, bandanas, cameras, photo albums and slam books. Skateboards/scooters with helmets and athletic gear can be stored in the check in closet next to Room 306. These items will be confiscated and released to a parent or held until the last day of school (for repeat offenders). The school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Balloons, gifts, party favors, cakes and cupcakes are not allowed (class celebrations excluded).
  9. Cell phones must be turned off before entering campus until the end of the school day and will be confiscated if seen, heard or used. Confiscated cell phones will be released to a parent. Cell phones must remain in backpacks. No clips, ear buds or other accessories should be visible. The school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen cell phones (See Correia Cell Phone Policy).
  10. Students will adhere to the following honesty policy: Cheating, plagiarism, theft, alteration of materials or forgery will not be permitted. Staff will determine the appropriate consequences (See Correia Academic Honesty Policy).
  11. No gum chewing at any time.

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